Electric Scooter

  • Electric Scooter JB520

    Electric Scooter JB520

    The EcoReco battery is pre-charged to 50% out of box for your convenience so you can ride it right away.

    Use the EcoReco charger to recharge the battery when the battery reading on the dashboard is low. The most efficient zone to charge is in between 1-4 bars. LiFePO4 batteries have no memory effect.

    Expect the battery to charge from empty to 80% in 2 hours (recommended) or from empty to full in 4.5 hours.
    1. Ensure the scooter is switched off, then open the end cap on top of the charging socket adjacent to the kickstand.
    2. Connect the charger circular plug to the scooter’s charging socket, then connect the charger 3 prong plug to the power outlet.
    3. The battery is charging when the charger LED is red. The charger LED turns green when it’s 85% full. You can continue to charge the scooter and top it off for additional 1-2 hours if needed. To stop charging, please remove
    the 3 prong plug from the power outlet, then remove the circular plug from the scooter’s charging socket. Close the end cap.
    4.Charging the battery

  • Electric Scooter JB516B

    Electric Scooter JB516B

    Excellent performance-This electric scooter is equipped with an upgraded 350 watt motor, with a maximum speed of 25km/h and a driving range of 30km, which can easily handle 15% steep slopes.
    One-step folding design-the electric scooter can be folded quickly through 1 second hand-press folding. When folded, the scooter can be carried with one hand, making it a perfect commuter companion.
    Safe and comfortable-braking is stable and reliable. The excellent braking system makes the brakes respond faster and improves safety during use. The front shock absorber provides the driver with maximum comfort. The high-performance handbrake system also has EBS energy recovery braking function, and the rear fender also has a braking function. The front wheels are equipped with a shock absorption system, which can make driving more stable.
    Easy riding-a new cruise mode: Come and try a new way of riding a scooter! Just press down to start.
    Unique and user-friendly-this adult electric scooter is equipped with wide-foot non-slip pedals (which can support larger feet), headlights to ensure safe night riding, and a clear LED display to ease riding.

  • Electric Scooter JB525

    Electric Scooter JB525

    Rider profile: This fun children’s electric scooter is very suitable for young children to ride nearby. It is specially designed for riders 8 years old and above. The maximum weight is limited to 50kg.
    Motor and Throttle: A low-maintenance and ultra-quiet foot-started belt-driven motor, up to 7 MPH. To speed up, step on the scooter and use the button accelerator to accelerate.
    Battery and charging: powered by a long-lasting lead-acid battery, the children’s electric scooter can travel 7 to 5 miles on a single charge. Includes charger.
    Wheels and brakes: Durable 6-inch solid wheels provide smooth and smooth driving, while the rear foot brake disengages the electric motor, making parking safe and simple.
    Frame and sliding: The lightweight aluminum frame of the children’s electric scooter is easy to transport and store. When the battery runs out, it turns into a pedal scooter, which can ride without resistance and keep it fun.

  • Electric Scooter JB516C

    Electric Scooter JB516C


    1. Electric scooter is delivered fully assembled from the manufacturer.
    2. The battery is pre-charged to 50% out of box for your convenience.
    3. Electric scooter undergoes several test rides and charge cycles at the factory for quality assurance purposes. The dashboard might display a few charging cycles and miles ridden at the date of receipt.