Ten Thousand Enterprises Help Ten Thousand Villages” Jinyun Enterprises Travel Thousands Of Miles Away, Recruit, And Discuss Poverty Alleviation

    Spanning thousands of miles, just to help you, from April 16th to 18th, Jinyun County Federation of Industry and Commerce, Human Resources and Social Affairs Employment Bureau led Tianxi Holding Group, Zhejiang Jinbang Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., Xinyi Human Resources Company and other 17 enterprise representatives to Sichuan Nanjiang County of the province carried out the "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages" activity, which effectively enhanced the relationship between the village and enterprises in pairs through various ways such as entering the village, exchanges and seminars, sending jobs at job fairs, and the direction of industrial poverty alleviation , And join hands with Benkang to provide powerful assistance for targeted poverty alleviation.

 "Thank you "Ten thousand enterprises for helping ten thousand villages", "Golden Stick Company", and thank all the relatives who came to Jinyun County.


    After the village enterprise paired up, the Golden Stick Company came to our village to carry out the matchmaking and door-to-door recruitment. My son Li Wei My daughter-in-law, Gan Mengling, went to work at Jinbang Company in March last year. The bosses of Jinbang Company are very kind to them, like their relatives, and take special care of them.” At the forum, Li Baoneng, secretary of Yanchansi Village, Tianchi Town, was very excited: “Now my son It is the company’s engineer assistant who is responsible for research and development, and has great potential for development in both business and skills. The monthly salary can reach more than 6,500 yuan, which is very good."

    “I’m Zhao Bin, the secretary of Hongdou Village, Tianchi Town. In 2018, we used the 20,000 yuan of funds assisted by Zhejiang Chenlong Sawing Machine Group, a twin enterprise, to 110 poor households in the village, and bought urea for each poor household to use in the industry. Development, in 2019, the 20,000 yuan assistance fund bought pepper seedlings for poor households, which is also used for industrial poverty alleviation. The seedlings are planted and the development is very good", "We Xieyan Village uses the twinning enterprise Zhejiang Qianjin HVAC Technology Company to help The 40,000 yuan of funds to buy chicken seedlings for poor households, 20 per household, used to develop the four small industries", "Our Cizhu Village is paired with China Taotao Group. In 2018, we used their assistance funds to The "mud road" has hardened into a cement road, which is convenient for people to travel." "Our Baishan Village uses enterprise assistance funds to develop the grape industry", "Our Fangling Village uses paired enterprise assistance funds to develop and construct safe drinking water infrastructure in the village , Solved the drinking water problem of more than 20 poor people", "Our village uses corporate assistance funds for the village’s "ethical bank" and party building work, and continuously strengthens the construction of spiritual civilization"...


    At the symposium, the pairs of poor villages expressed their gratitude to the enterprises in Jinyun County for their true and genuine assistance, and explained the use of assistance funds in 2018 and 2019, and the use of assistance funds in 2020. They made a plan and stated that they will use the aid funds accurately, focusing on the "two no worries and three guarantees", using the money on the cutting edge, favoring poor households and impoverished disabled people, and achieving openness and transparency.

    Since the new round of poverty alleviation cooperation between the eastern and western parts of Zhejiang and Sichuan, Jinyun County has taken the opportunity of “ten thousand enterprises to help ten thousand villages” to mobilize social forces to actively participate, and all enterprises actively responded, with true feelings, positions, and funds to participate in poverty alleviation In tackling tough problems, after the village enterprises are paired, each enterprise not only provides 20,000 yuan of assistance to the village every year, but also provides door-to-door recruitment, giving priority to the employment of paired village employees under the same conditions.

    "The "Ten Thousand Enterprises Help Ten Thousand Villages" platform of the East and West Department of Zhejiang and Sichuan is very good. This has built a good platform for our company's recruitment. At present, there are 14 Nanjiang employees working in our Jinbang company. They are very willing to endure hardships. Several of them have become the company’s business backbone or middle-level managers, especially Xu Dongning from Gaota Town. In just one year in the company, he changed from an apprentice to a master. His salary has risen from 3200 yuan to the current 7260 yuan. Very skilled, we like such employees very much.” It is the third time that Zhejiang Jinbang Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. representative Ma Yiqun has come to Nanjiang County.

    "Our Tianxi Group has paired up two villages in Nanjiang County, one is Ganshuping Village in Xialiang Township, and the other is Jianshan Village in Yangba Town. Both of them are deeply impoverished villages. Since the pairing, our company has five times. Sending people to Nanjiang to carry out assistance activities, this is the sixth time. Through the platform of "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages", at the end of 2018, our company recruited 33 employees from Nanjiang at once. One of them was a streamlined employee. The production line is made up of Nanjiang employees. This year several new employees were brought over by old employees.


    The village-enterprise pairing played an important role in our company’s resumption of production and work during the epidemic", Tianxi Holding Group Enterprise Although the representative Chu Lulin was in Nanjiang for the first time, she was very kind as if she had returned home.

    Up to now, Jinyun County has organized 17 companies to pair with 22 villages in Nanjiang County, and Lishui City has organized 5 city-directed companies to pair with 5 villages. The two places have paired 27 pairs of impoverished villages or deeply impoverished villages. Implement policies, make precise efforts, strengthen docking, and consolidate pairing relationships. Through industry assistance, social assistance, employment assistance and other multi-pronged efforts, with the help of the "10,000 enterprises help ten thousand villages" platform, we will find a foothold and focus on helping to fight poverty. Point, get rich first and help rich later, join hands with Benkang.

    This "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages" activity went into Tianchi Town, Changchi Town, Hongguang Town, Yangba Town and other towns and villages successively, and was warmly welcomed by the villages in pairs. While visiting and interacting, April On the morning of the 17th, under the organization of the human resources and social employment departments of the two places, the "2020 East and West Poverty Alleviation Labor Cooperation and Private Enterprise Recruitment Week Special Recruitment Fair" event was held in the lobby dam, the most crowded Nanjiang County. Enterprises in Jinyun County brought more than 3,500 jobs.

    "Village enterprises pair up as a family. In order to enable more poor laborers to find stable employment in Jinyun County enterprises and provide better services, we have established the Nanjiang County Labor Service Center in Jinyun and the Nanjiang Labor Service Center in Jinyun County. The two counties issued the The Reward Policy for Migrant Workers in Zhejiang and Several Opinions on Supporting Enterprise Employment to Promote Employment Stability. For those impoverished households who have established a registered card for stable employment in Jinyun enterprises, they enjoy a monthly living allowance of 500 yuan. Couples bring their children to Jinyun Stable For those who are employed, the company provides husband and wife housing. The children can go to elementary school, junior high school, etc. nearby. One person can be employed and one household can be lifted out of poverty. Now, during the epidemic, we will also organize an employment through train. Everyone will go to the car door and get off the door. It’s very convenient to enter the factory. Everyone is welcome to work in Jinyun.” At the job fair, Director Wu Jianping of the Employment Management Service Office of Jinyun County sent a sincere invitation to all job-seekers present.

    The job fair was crowded with job-seekers. 36 people were signed on the spot, and 253 people reached their job-seeking intentions. Next, Jinyun-Nanjiang will once again organize the "East-West Service Transfer Train" to send newly recruited employees directly Employment in the eastern twin regions. In order to do a good job of poverty alleviation articles on employment in the east and west, in addition to holding township job fairs and large-scale job fairs, Jinyun-Nanjiang counties also actively set up platforms to publish the monthly recruitment information of Lishui and Jinyun enterprises on the Nanjiang media website, Nanjiang TV station and Nanjiang County. The large electronic screen of the Government Square is scrolled and updated in real time, which broadens the employment information channels for the poor. Up to now, more than 4230 Nanjiang migrant workers have been employed stably in Zhejiang Province, including more than 140 in Lishui City and Jinyun County, giving full play to the advantageous role of the eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation in employment poverty alleviation.

Post time: Nov-28-2020