The truth about massage guns: Do these really work?

The truth about massage guns: Do these really work? Can they replace your therapist?

You might have seen this power drill-like gadget being passed around in the gym, especially after a workout. And if you haven’t had the chance to try it, you might be wondering: What’s the deal?

It’s called a massage gun and it’s one of the “it” workout gadgets these days. The design can vary wildly from brand to brand but massage guns typically have a handle and a head that delivers a rapid pummelling or oscillating action to provide what is known as percussive or vibration therapy.If you have caught the slow-motion videos, you’d have seen the muscle-rippling effect (hence, the “vibration” moniker) the head creates as it hits the body with rapid-fire bursts of pressure.

Other than foam rollers and trigger balls, massage guns are appearing in gyms. Your personal trainer might even use one on you to supposedly minimise post-exercise muscle soreness. On social media, you might have seen posts of these gadgets being used to alleviate daily muscle aches such as a sore neck from a poor night’s sleep.

Core Concepts’ physiotherapist Elizabeth Boey estimated that these auto massagers are likely to have been in the Singapore market for the last five years. But they’ve only recently gained popularity, she said, thanks to the fitness scene picking up in Singapore. It also helps that international athletes and even non-sports celebrities such as Adam Levine and Ashley Graham have caught on the trend.

Post time: Aug-25-2021