“traveling To Xiandu And Sacrificing Xuanyuan”, Thousands Of Employees Of Jinbang Holdings Realized Their Dream Of “worshiping Ancestors”

    In November, Jinyun has a pleasant climate, breeze and auspicious clouds. On the morning of the 21st, Golden Stick Holdings Co., Ltd. officially kicked off the "Travel to the Xiandu City and Sacrifice Xuanyuan" event. Nearly a thousand employees gathered at the entrance of the greenway of Jinyun Binjiang Park and walked towards the Huangdi Temple in Xuanyuan Huangdi Sacrificial Center in southern China with full expectation.




    Jinyun Greenway was rated as the "Most Beautiful Greenway" and "Ten Best Green Road" in Zhejiang Province. It is about 11 kilometers from Jinyun Riverside Park to the scenic spot of Zhutan Mountain in Xiandu. The mother-in-law rock, uncle Jiao rock, Xiaochi Cliff, Dinghu Peak, Zhutan Mountain... Upstream, the scenic spots and idyllic valleys along the green road all the way, people will meet the beauty of nature unexpectedly when they turn around.
The employees of Jinbang Sports, Jin Gutian Technology, Puqi Digital, Red Black Technology, Jinquan Technology, Megani Precision Equipment, Dolby Puqi and other branches of Golden Stick Holdings are in good spirits, and they march on the green road neatly, and the queue stretches for more than 200 meters. , Became the "most beautiful scenery" along the green road of the day. Many employees said: "Jinyun's environment is so beautiful, we can really do both work and life. We must work hard here to realize our value in life".
    At 15 o'clock in the afternoon, the clouds opened and the sunrise, golden sunlight reflected on Dinghu Peak and Xuanyuan Hall, a solemn and solemn ancestor worship ceremony of Jinbang Holdings Co., Ltd. officially began. Thousands of employees stood in the square in front of the temple to worship the greatness of the Chinese nation. The ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi remembers the merits of the ancestor and inspires the development spirit of the golden rod enterprise.



    The ancestor worship ceremony kicked off with drums and bells. The 34 drum beats represent 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and special administrative regions, and the 15 bell beats represent 1.5 billion Chinese and Chinese descendants around the world. The chief priest, Jinbang Holdings, board members and representatives of various branches successively honored Xuanyuan Huangdi with high fragrances, flower baskets, and three animal sacrifices.




    After Xu Yongqiang, chairman of Golden Stick Holdings Co., Ltd. presented wine to the Xuanyuan Huangdi Statue, the representative of Golden Stick Holdings read the sacrificial text, and all the participants bowed to the Xuanyuan Huangdi Statue three times. The ceremony was successfully completed in the magnificent music and dance festival.

    The blood is rooted and passed on from generation to generation. Xuanyuan Huangdi is the humanistic ancestor of the Chinese nation, the great pioneer and founder of Chinese civilization, and the common spiritual bond of the Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad. The successful holding of the ancestor worship ceremony of Golden Stick Holdings fulfilled the dream of all employees to participate in worshipping the ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi.



Post time: Nov-28-2020